Jane Rosenwood

Jane Rosenwood

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Mrs. Jane has come a long way since her high school graduation all the way up to getting a Brown University Master’s degree in…

Being good at business is important for anyone who is self-employed, but it is a necessity for model. First and foremost, as photographers, we need to be able to capture amazing photos for our clients. After all, this is what we are being hired to do. But, even if you are the best model in the world, skill alone will not guarantee success. We also need to be able to market our business, find new customers, and maintain our brand. Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.
I worked as a photographer on this amazing and fabulous wedding. The dress code was all white and the interrior was designed in white and beige colors. I didn’t notice as it was the end of the celebration. I love the photos I’ve got, and I enjoyed the newlyweds. Great time and experience for me. I’m very privileged to photograph weddings all over the place and this is one of my favourite moments from a wedding in New Jersey recently.
There are lots of “traditions” when it comes to weddings, and one of the most traditional I suppose is the site of the bride walking down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony with her dad.
What adds the moment, for me at least, is the sheer joy on all three of their faces. Mum, dad & bride – all bathed in glorious happiness and perhaps anticipation for the ceremony (and future) ahead.
To that end, I always ensure that I photograph weddings as sympathetically as possible and with a clear objective of letting the wedding flow around me, rather than me directing or interfering in any part. I really love this photograph and I hope you do.

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