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We have many years of experience working with model agencies to shoot model portfolios. We photograph both new and established models. When you book a portfolio shooting session with us, we provide you with a number of services along with the making of your portfolio. We can help pointing you in the right direction with model agencies as well as providing you with the tools you need to start as a free lance model. We will give you valuable advise and make sure you'll have the best start in your modelling career. A strong portfolio opens doors, your portfolio is often the only thing a person sees before deciding whether or not to contact you for a job which makes your portfolio a key element of your modelling career.

IdeArt Model Portfolio

How to start

Are you looking to become a model but don't know where to start?

The industry is competitive, it takes more than just a pretty face, it requires hard work and dedication to be a successful model.

IdeArt Photography will give you all the advice you need to guide you through the ups and downs that every model faces.

You will learn how to tailor your approach, build a professional portfolio and promote yourself successfully to modelling agencies.

All your modelling and beauty questions can be answered to help prepare you for processes that lead to signing a contract with a modelling agency.

Take our free model evaluation and move one step closer to your dream career in the modelling industry.

Follow our 10 step guide to becoming a model and better your chances in the industry.

  • Step 1 - Play to your strengths. Measure your height, waist, bust and hips. The industry has many physical requirements to be a model, so this will determine what side of the industry you are suited for. Why not apply to today, and our free model evaluation can tell you what is best for you!
  • Step 2 - Drink plenty of water. A glowing complexion and healthy hair will help you on your way to becoming a model. Your beauty regime is a key element to that perfect model look, so remember your daily vitamins, minerals and at least six glasses of H2O a day.
  • Step 3 - Think positive. Dedication, enthusiasm, commitment and focus are key attributes you need to be a model. Accept rejection and disappointments and move forward, strive for self improvement and you will get your big break.
  • Step 4 - Travel. Opportunities don't always come to you, you have to go out there and get them. If you are willing to travel to foreign cities it will increase the amount of jobs you can apply for.
  • Step 5 - Spend your money wisely. Modelling doesn't always offer a stable source of income, so spend your money wisely. To be a successful model and succeed financially you must be savvy with your modelling fee.
  • Step 6 - Be professional. Learn how to approach an agency, how to act and behave and learn what they expect from you. To be a model you must conduct yourself appropriately.
  • Step 7 - Be careful of scams. Stick to recognised modelling agencies, IdeArt photography will help to connect you with respectable modelling agencies which can kick start your career and help you become a model.
  • Step 8 - Keep your head in the game. Remember there will always be plenty of competition from other models looking to be cast for the same job. So always be on time for a casting session and be presentable. First impressions count.
  • Step 9 - Confidence is key. Smile, greet people courteously, and exhibit the confidence that you will use to sell products.
  • Step 10 - Love your work. Strive for excellence. Set your own benchmark
IdeArt model portfolio
IdeArt model portfolio

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